Alexis and Jill's Favorite Grocery Delivery Services!

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Sometimes people ask us "what do you do all day?" Well, here's an example of our daily rundown:

1. Get kids up and ready for school.

2. Get kids on the bus.

3. Run a company between the hours of 8:30am and 3:30pm.

4. Get kids off the bus.

5. Get kids to activities.

6. Get kids to do their homework.

7. Get kids showered and ready for bed.

8. Get kids to read.

9. Get kids to sleep.

10. Get back to work!

Doesn't really leave much time for grocery shopping! So we have taken to delivery. And we LOVE IT! We have tested out many services over the past two hectic years and here are our favorites:

fresh direct

Great quality food, great brands to choose from too. And you can reserve a weekly delivery spot (which was helpful for those times we forgot to reserve a spot and then the day/time we needed wasn't available!). 

Peapod by Stop and Shop

We liked Peapod because we were guaranteed all the brands that we found in our local grocery store. 


This one is a real winner! I mean we are talking SAME DAY DELIVERY! What is more convenient than that? Instacart sends people to local stores to do our shopping for us. And we love how they communicate with us WHILE they are shopping! So if something is out of stock we might receive a text that says "How about this one instead?" Awesomesauce. 

amazon fresh

This service is only available to Prime subscribers, but considering that we order off Prime on a daily basis this isn't a problem. Amazon Fresh has GREAT prices, especially on those pantry items. They also have 2-hour delivery time slots and we can usually get the slot we need as long as we select it the day before. 


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