Are Magnets Safe in Children's Products?

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So if you know anything about FASTEN®, you know that we use magnetic fasteners in our girls' bathing suits to make diaper changes and bathroom breaks quick and easy! We have been getting an AMAZING response since we launched, and have received rave reviews from mom bloggers across the country! We have had some questions recently about the safety of magnets in children's clothing, so we would like to address that here.

First let us say that we are moms too, so we completely understand that your child's safety is first and foremost. We would NEVER put our own children in anything that was unsafe. FASTEN® uses an independent, accredited testing laboratory that tests all of our swimwear to ensure safety and compliance with the rules of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The magnets we use are encased in plastic and then sewn into our swimsuits between layers of fabric, making them virtually impossible to remove without the use of a scissor. Watch this video to see more. 

Magnetic clothing fasteners have been around for years and have been used specifically in adaptive clothing for people who have problems with mobility. Magnets have not been shown to be dangerous unless swallowed, and it would take some serious tampering to swallow the magnets that are sewn inside of our swimsuits (see above). 

If you still have concerns about the use of magnets in clothing and/or have an implantable medical device, we suggest you consult your doctor. 

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