Beach Games for the Kids: They're Gonna Love These!

Alexis Castellano

Want to keep your kids entertained at the beach so you might actually get to, ahem, RELAX for a little while? No worries, you don't need to bring much! Just her FASTEN® bathing suit, some tennis balls, a few sand toys, a towel, and you'll be good to go!


Beach Games for your Kids

Water Relay

What you need: 1 cup per kid 

How to play: Divide into teams of two. One kiddo per team sits in the sand with a cup on his/her head. On your mark, get set, GO! The other teammates race to the water, fill up their cups, run back and dump the water into the cup on their teammate's head! Perfect way to burn some energy and get refreshed on a hot summer day! 💦☀️

Beach Bowling

What you need: A beach shovel (or your hands!) and some tennis balls

How to play: Dig six holes in the sand in the shape of a pyramid. The kids take turn rolling the tennis balls into the holes. Have them keep a score card in the sand! 🎾⛱ 

Sand Angels

What you need: Some shells, rocks, or other sand goodies

How to play: If they can do it in the snow, they can do it in the sand! Then they get to decorate their angels with shells, rocks, maybe some seaweed! Don't forget to snap a pic 🐚 📸

Target Throw

What you need: A few rocks or shells

How to play: Draw circles in the sand, and draw a number inside each one. Have kids throw rocks or shells at the targets. For each circle they hit, they get that number of points! Have them keep a score card in the sand! 🐚 📝 

Timed Shell Hunt

What you need: 1 cup per kid, timer on phone or watch

How to play: Set the timer for 3, 5, even 10 minutes. Have kids hunt for shells and fill up their cups with as many as they can find until timer goes off. Then have them dump their shells on their own towels and count how many they collected. Kid with most shells wins! Alternative: have them hunt for shells AND rocks; every shell is worth 1 point, every rock is worth 2 points! 🐚 🏖

Musical Towels

What you need: 1 towel per kid (less 1), music

How to play: This is a great, fun game if you have a lot of kids or are hanging with friends on the beach. Lay down beach towels in a circle (just make sure to have 1 less towel than there are kids), turn the music up, and have kids run in a circle until you stop the music. The kids have to find a towel to sit on - only 1 kid per towel! The kid left standing is out. Remove one towel, and begin again... 🎶🎵

Sand Pictionary

What you need: Only the sand and your finger!

How to play: Pick one kid to be the "drawer." Whisper a word or phrase in his or her ear, and have her draw a picture in the sand. The other kids have to guess what the picture is. The kids then take turns being the "drawer." 🎨🖌

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