Cool Pool Floats for your Backyard or Vacay!

Alexis Castellano

A pool is not a pool without a cool pool float. Try saying THAT five times fast!  We searched the web and found some pretty awesome pool floats to bring on your beach or pool vacation, or if you’re lucky enough, to keep in your backyard! And moms know more than anyone, when your little girl is having a blast on these super cool floats, she isn’t going to want to break for the bathroom. Unless, of course, she is wearing a swimsuit for little girls that eliminates the struggle of removing a wet one piece bathing suit; a bathing suit that opens and closes with ease; a kid’s swimsuit that helps her get in and out of the bathroom faster. Bottom line here: cool pool floats + FASTEN swimsuits for girls = MORE POOL TIME FUN!


Gigantic Donut Pool Float, Strawberry Frosted with Sprinkles

Gigantic Donut Pool Float, Strawberry Frosted with Sprinkles

Almost pretty enough to eat...definitely pretty enough to float on! 🍩 Find it here...




Emoji Love Pool Float

Heart Eyes Emoji Pool Float

We ❤️ our emojis 😍, and our littles love them even more! Find it here...




Pizza Pool Float

Pizza Pool Float

Do I smell pizza? Pepperoni? Just tell your kids not to take a bite 😉🍕Find it here...




Pink Swan Pool Float

Pink Swan Pool Float

For all of those swan princesses out there! 💕👍 Find it here...




Hot Pretzel Pool Float

Giant Pretzel Pool Float

We don't care how hot it is, who wouldn't want to float around on a hot pretzel? 😋 Find it here...




 Pineapple Pool Float

Pineapple Pool Float

Who wouldn't relax on this HUGE pineapple pool float? Even if you're not in the tropics, with this float, you can pretend you are! 🍍🏝 Find it here...




Chocolate Emoji Pool Float

Chocolate Emoji Pool Float

Here's the scoop, it's an emoji...   CHOCOLATE! Well, the parents know it's chocolate, but imagine how much fun the kids will have floating around on this!!! 💩😂 Find it here...




Giant Popcorn Pool Float

Giant Popcorn Pool Float

Here's an idea: set up an outdoor screen, invite some of the kids' friends over, and have a "Dive-IN" movie party! 🍿📽 Find it here...




Watermelon Slice

Watermelon Slice Pool Float

Summer days aren't summer days without watermelon! 🍉☀️Find it here...




Smarties Noodle Pool Float

Smarties Noodle Pool Float

Ok this is just too cool! Imagine the kiddos splashing around the pool with a candy noodle! 🍬😛 Find it here...


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