Spending Quality Time With Your Kids

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We moms are BUSY! There's just no way around it. Whether we're working full time, part time, or we aren't working at all, we're always busy planning for our families. Present for tomorrow's birthday party? Check! (Hint: FASTEN¬ģ bathing suits make GREAT gifts for girls! ūüėČūüéĀ) Grocery list? Check! Weekly schedule made? Check. Laundry? Check! (Hey, even if it's folded and has been sitting in the basket for three days, it still counts!) The point is, we are so busy caring and shuffling and preparing and assisting and planning that sometimes a day might go by and we actually forget to pee! So during all of this craziness that feels strangely normal, are we truly spending quality time with our kids? Hopefully, the answer is yes. Because we SHOULD be able to do this. But sometimes we feel the answer is NO, and we don't know what to do about that.¬†

We spent some time reading this awesome article by Savvy Sassy Moms about how to spend quality time with our kids. Be sure to click on the link above to read the full story because it's a MUST read if you are experiencing this. Very relatable! They say: "Spending quality time with your children doesn’t mean that you must spend over 3 hours with them without any distractions. Quality means that when you are with your children, you are truly making yourself available to them. "

Here's a quick summary of some suggestions they make to foster the quality time spent with your children:

1. Focus and listen when they’re sharing

Use body language to show you are paying attention to what they are saying, and be sure to engage, ask questions, and keep the conversation going.

2. Turn chores into quality time

If you make chores fun, you can actually enjoy this time together!

3. No need to break the bank

You don't have to spend a lot of money to spend quality time together. Something as simple as family board game night can go a long way! (For ideas on great games to play as a family read this.)

4. Get creative…but keep it simple

Do something you wouldn't ordinarily do, something¬†they will¬†remember. (Alexis from FASTEN¬ģ¬†here inserting my own out-of-the-ordinary moment: one time when my husband was traveling I made dinner for the kids, and they didn't like it. BOO! I was so annoyed at first, but then I decided to order in a pizza and we had a carpet picnic in my¬†daughter's bedroom. They thought it was the greatest thing, eating pizza in the bedroom on the floor, and they still talk about it! Comment below to share¬†any out-of-the-ordinary moments you've had with your kids!)

5. Take advantage of the evenings

Have a family sleepover or set up a tent in the living room. The kids will think this is the BEST!

6. Don’t let family dinners slip away

We all know as the kids get older the schedules become crazier, but make a point to have family dinner a few times a week if possible. It's a great time to talk about your day, share funny moments, and just listen and engage with one another. And PUT DEVICES AWAY!

7. Find the right time for your family

Make sure you find the right time to be able to listen and interact with your kids when you are able to focus and give full attention. If you know you're super busy in the morning trying to get the kids off to school, that might not be the best time to engage in conversation. But make sure you find that time and allocate it to your kids. 

The ideas in this article were summarized from Savvy Sassy Moms. 






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