Stress-Free Road Trips with the Kiddos!

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stress free road trips with the kids

Planning a family road trip? Think of how relaxing that might be...without the kids. Okay now it's time to WAKE UP! You have somewhere to go, and you have kids, and everyone is piling into the car or minivan for a fun-filled family adventure on the road! Sound like fun? Um, not so much. But for real, it actually can be fun! All it takes is a little planning ahead.  

I love this article by Scary Mommy called "How To Survive Road Tripping With Kids." They touch on quite a few things, like how to perfect that frightening look to give your kids when they are acting up 😠; mastering the art of helping your child pee on the side of the road 😂; insisting your children "look at the world" as you drive by it 🌎; and a simple investment in headphones 🎧.

If you love the idea of a road trip but don't know where to go, check out this list of "Ultimate Family Road Trips" by Redbook. If I had to pick one this year I'd go with #20, the White Mountains in New Hampshire. Mainly because I'm already on the East Coast, but also because in addition to the 6 ziplines AND new roller coaster, it's also a short drive to Chutter's, the world's longest candy counter! (This is not just for my kids, this is for ME TOO!). 

Ok so now that you have some survival tips and ideas about where to go, let's talk packing. I found this awesome "Kids' Road Trip Essentials Checklist" from You name it, they thought of it! I especially love the pre-stamped blank postcards (which can be found at your local post office). Your kids can document the experience by writing to friends and relatives about your trip (just don't forget the colored pencils - don't worry that's on the list too!). 

I hope this blog post helps you look forward to your road trip rather than dread it! Writing about this reminds me of a trip I once took when my oldest daughter was a still a baby. She was screaming (ahem, SCREAMING!) for her bottle and I was driving and I was frantic! So I pulled over and started to make her bottle but of course I wasn't prepared with the water already IN the bottle, so I opened the water bottle and went to pour it into the baby bottle, and proceeded to spill the whole thing in my lap! Wouldn't you know that was my last water bottle? So, I drove to the closest rest stop and went inside, carrying a screaming baby and looking like I peed myself, wow that was embarrassing! I bought the water bottle and got back to the car, made the bottle without spilling it, and all was fine and calm. Then I just sat in the front seat and laughed!!

Leave a comment below to share YOUR funny story about a mishap with your kids on the road! And don't forget to sign up below to read more silly stories like this one 😅😉.

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