Super Mom Beach Hacks!

Alexis Castellano

We are soooooooo looking forward to summer. Wait, it's only January? Really? Well, if we have to spend the next four months only dreaming of warm summer days, we can at least prepare for them in our minds too! This way, when Memorial Day rolls around, we will be ready 👍👍

When packing for the beach, there's more to think about than just towels, sunscreen, extra bathing suits! Don't worry, we have some really simple ideas that won't add too much to your beach bag, but will certainly add to your summer enjoyment! Scroll down to read more...

Super Mom Beach Hacks

Freeze your water bottles

Throw some water bottles in the freezer the night before you head to the beach. Then, use them as extra ice packs in your cooler, and your water will be extra cold for hours and you’ll keep your snacks fresh too!

Kiddie Pools 

Bring a small blow up pool to keep on the sand for your older baby or toddler. Fill up with ocean water! Alternatively, and especially if you have older kids, get them to dig a big hole in the sand and line it with a cheap shower curtain liner, then fill with water!

Stash Your Cash 

Stash your cash and extra change inside an empty pill bottle, wear it around your neck, and keep it waterproof all day! Find out how to make this nifty little mom hack here...

Baby Powder 

Remove sand from skin easily with this awesome tip! Find out more here...

Mesh Laundry Bag 

Use a mesh laundry bag to stash all of your kids' sand toys. It sifts the sand right out, which means it stays AT the beach and OUT of your car and home!  

Nap Hole 

Dig a wide hole in the sand. Cover it with a towel and nestle your little one in for a cozy napping spot!

Cupcake Liners 

Keep bugs and sand out of your cup by covering it with a cupcake liner. You can stick your straw right through the top!

Frozen Capri Suns 

Freeze some Capri Suns the night before, then bring them in the cooler. Let them thaw a little, and your kids will have the perfect slushy!

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