Tips for Grocery Shopping With Kids

Alexis Castellano

Now that you have kids, a trip to the grocery store ALONE can be almost, well, relaxing. Mostly because it means time to yourself! Taking your kids to the grocery store? That's a whole different ball game. Stressful as it may seem sometimes, it really doesn't have to be. We compiled some helpful tips below for grocery shopping with kids. And while we can't guarantee you'll be in and out of the store as fast as your child will be in and out of the bathroom if she's wearing a FASTEN® bathing suit (ha! 😉), we can say that your time in the store might be a little less hectic...

Tips for Grocery Shopping with Kids


1. Parking Spot is Key

Try to park as close to the grocery cart return as possible! This way you can get your kids right out of the car and into the cart.

2. Map it Out

You probably know the layout of your store by now, so write your list in the order of each department and how you walk through the store. For instance, produce → meat → cereals → canned goods → snacks → breads → dairy. This will help you get in and out FAST!

3. Twisty Ties

You'd be amazed at how long your kids can stay occupied with these little ties! Grab a bunch and challenge them to create different shapes, letters, numbers, etc.

4. Deli Counter

If you need deli meat, ask the person who's helping you for a few slices of meat or cheese for the kiddos. 

5. Bring Snacks 

Snacks on hand will help (a) keep the kids occupied, and (b) keep the kids from begging for new snacks to OPEN on the spot!

6. Spot It

As you go down each aisle, tell the kids what you are looking for and see who can spot it first! 

7. The List

If your child is old enough, let him or her hold the list AND a pen. He/she will love being "in charge" of crossing off each item that you add to your cart!



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