We weren’t kidding around, wet swimsuits really are the WORST…

Alexis Castellano

Let’s face it, if you’re a female, you know the perils of peeling off a wet swimsuit when you need to use the restroom, especially when you need to use the restroom FAST! Same thing goes for moms trying to change their little girls’ diapers or while potty training. How about young girls who are finally independent enough to go “all by themselves” but they end up spending more time in the stall doing the squirmy dance and risk an embarrassing accident? Think we are kidding? Trust us, the struggle is real! Just see what the people on Twitter and Instagram have to say about the hassle of those wet bathing suits… 

 1. Why waste time? Little girls deserve better!

2. NO! Don’t quit swimming over this! We have a solution…

3. Please tell us you didn’t just say that…

    No, that’s why they have FASTEN®!

 4. Hang tight, you could be there for a while...

😂😂 yep. #swimmerproblems #SwimTrials16

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5. Nothing worse?

     The only thing worse is not using FASTEN®!

 6. Vacations made easier with FASTEN®.

 7. We told you, the struggle is REAL.

 8. Fun times in the bathroom...

    Yes Nicole, we feel you.

 9. Um, YUCK! Avoid gross moments with FASTEN®.

10. And we thought we felt strongly about wet one-pieces…

11. Camp will never be the same…

12. And that about sums it up!


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  • Yes, pulling down wet swimsuits or a pair of bikini-panties is a real struggle, they always get stuck on the pee pee and you need to pull many times to get them off, and just hope she won’t pee on the floor.


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