What's in YOUR Pool or Beach Bag?

Posted by Alexis Castellano on

Jill and I live really close to the beautiful beaches of the Jersey shore, so when summer rolls around, we have our pool/beach bag packed and ready to go...all summer long! We keep it in the trunk of our car or throw it in the backseat, so that we are ready to go whenever our kids feel like a trip to the local pool or beach! Aside from the spare FASTEN® swimsuits we keep in there for our daughters, and a spare bathing suit for Jill's son, here are some other things you might find in our pool/beach bag...


  • -sunscreen (we love this one by Beautycounter)

  • -sunscreen stick for our kids' faces (also love this one by Beautycounter)

  • -at least 2 beach towels per child

  • -baby wipes

  • -baby powder (see why here)

  • -hand sanitizer

  • -plastic grocery bags for trash and/or wet swimsuits

  • -a place to stash your cash (see this awesome #momhack here)

  • -change of clothes and/or cover-ups (and swim diapers if you have little ones)

  • -sunglasses

  • -sun hats (check out FASTEN® UPF 50+ sun hats here!)

  • -goggles

  • -floaties (if your child needs them)

  • -shampoo, conditioner, and a comb (if your pool or beach facility has showers)

  • -water bottles

  • -snacks (click here for healthy snack ideas; click here for fresh fruit snack ideas)

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