Yes, Your Daughter Really CAN Swim and Play Normally With a FASTEN® Swimsuit!

Alexis Castellano

We get this question often: will my daughter still be able to swim in her FASTEN® swimsuit without it opening up? What about water slides? Ocean waves? Jumping in a pool? We hear you! We are moms too, and we have daughters just like you - this is why we invented and designed the FASTEN® bathing suit! During our design and testing phase, we held some focus groups and asked for feedback. We wanted to know what OTHER moms thought about our swimsuits for little girls. The bathing suit opening up was a common theme. Why not a swimsuit with snaps? Well, we loved the EASE of the magnets, and we loved how they came together with a quick click! BUT, we also understood the concern about the swimsuit opening. So we decided to do both! We modified our original design and added a snap on each end, adding that extra security for all of our daughters. So if you're wondering if kids can swim and play normally, go ahead and watch the video. 😉

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  • @Ro Chang: Thanks for your question! We are moms, so we completely understand that your child’s safety is first and foremost. We would NEVER put our own children in anything that was unsafe. FASTEN® uses an independent, accredited testing laboratory that tests all of our swimwear to ensure safety and compliance with the rules of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The magnets we use are encased in plastic and then sewn into our swimsuits between layers of fabric, making them virtually impossible to remove without the use of a scissor. To learn more check out our blog:


  • Is it safe and healthy to use magnets in that area??? And in Kids?

    Ro Chang

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