Affiliate Program

Hey there! Are you a DANCE STUDIO or SWIM SCHOOL who wants to showcase an awesome and innovative new product, and earn some extra income while doing it? If yes, we are looking to partner with YOU and become a “trusted brand” that you can promote across multiple platforms (in location, online, via social media, email marketing, etc.).


We use an Affiliate Marketing platform called ShareASale. This is the best and easiest way to work together, because it gives you access to unique links and graphics that you can use in any of the above mentioned digital marketing areas, and will track all sales that come through as a result. Then, your commission gets automatically deposited into your account.


Here are some ways you can use the links/graphics to help promote FASTEN swimsuits or leotards and ultimately drive sales/commission back to YOU:


     - in an email to your customer base

     - in a Facebook post or on your Instagram feed

     - in a banner ad on your web site

     - in an article in the “News” section on your web site

     - in a live or pre-recorded video post on Facebook


We can also send you some samples to display in your location, as well as postcards with a QR code that links to our web site but contains your unique tracking info so it’s traced back to you if a sale is made.


If you are interested, SIGN UP HERE FOR FREE!



The first 52 schools to sign up (each calendar year) will be featured in FASTEN's "Dance Studio of the Week" or "Swim School of the Week" - a post across 3 social media platforms that will highlight your studio. In addition, we will boost a Facebook post in your targeted geographic area to help spread the word about your school to the locals!