Meet Jill and Alexis

As moms of young kids, we're always looking for better solutions to common problems. A few summers back, we were swimming with our daughters and realized what a pain it was to remove a wet one-piece bathing suit during those diaper changes or "I've gotta go!" moments. It was even harder to get the wet one-piece swimsuit back on. 

Despite trying other swimsuit options, none offered a convenient and practical solution to meet our needs. Determined not to accept the status quo, we set out to create a smarter swimsuit design that would make life easier for women and girls everywhere. 

We have evolved the one-piece swimsuit and leotard into something that can open and close with ease. Our patented design makes diaper changes and bathroom breaks a breeze for parents and kids, while remaining fun and fashionable!

Our AHA Moment!

We're revolutionizing the one-piece bathing suit. 

Want To Hear More?

Watch clips below of an interview with Alexis and Jill on Spotlight NJ.


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