We're looking for moms who are willing to spread the word about FASTEN swimsuits and leotards, and in return we'll give more FASTEN to you! No gimmicks here. We know how much moms listen to other moms when it comes to their children, so we thought, what better way to get the word out about our gamechanging swimwear and dancewear!


Here's how it works:

     - Share FASTEN on your personal Facebook page → get 30% off your next purchase
     - Share FASTEN on your personal Facebook page AND in a FB mom group→ get 40% off your next purchase
     - Share FASTEN on your personal Facebook page AND in a FB mom group with more than 1000 members → get a FREE FASTEN SWIMSUIT OR LEOTARD!

So, are you ready to become a FASTENator?* We hope you said YES! If you did, we will make it even easier for you with some sample copy below. Just remember to add a personal touch or experience you had with FASTEN. Also, we totally get that not everyone likes to post photos of their kiddos on social media, so we do NOT require you to post photos of your children. That's up to you!

NOTE: Please email a screenshot of your post(s) to or send to us via FB messenger. Then you'll receive your FASTEN reward!

Alexis and Jill

Hey everyone! I want to share this awesome new swimsuit (or leotard) brand with my friends who have little girls. I bought a suit (or leotard) for (insert name here) and it has been AMAZING for diaper changes, potty training, swim class, trips to the beach and pool, our last vacation (or for dance class)! These swimsuits (leotards) have made my life easier and I just wanted to pass along the web site They are offering up to 30% off your first order when you spin the wheel on their web site. I hope you love FASTEN as much as I do!

*Please note you can only participate in the FASTENator program once per year per purchase. Must have previously purchased a FASTEN swimsuit to participate.