FASTEN Brand Ambassador Program

FASTEN is always on the lookout for a dynamic mother-daughter team to represent our brand to the public. We are looking for moms and daughters who are passionate about our #gamechanging products, and who are creating great content on their social media networks.


What is the role of a FASTEN Brand Ambassador?

A FASTEN Brand Ambassador will use her social media pages to spread the word about our products and help engage new customers.


What do I have to do as a FASTEN Brand Ambassador?

The best way to fulfill your role as a FASTEN Brand Ambassador is to post visually inspiring photos and/or videos of FASTEN products to your social media pages at least 3x per month, and tag FASTEN (@fastenkids AND #teamFASTEN). We also look for you to share our posts a few times a month.


What are the benefits of being a FASTEN Brand Ambassador?

As a FASTEN Brand Ambassador, you will get FREE FASTEN SWAG! You will also have the chance to get involved in exclusive events, focus groups, collection previews and learn about exciting promotions, contests and news. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to be a part of an emerging brand that is gaining both national and international recognition, from publications such as TheSkimm, People Magazine, Cool Mom Picks, and Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine, as well as the chance to be featured in future marketing campaigns both nationally and internationally.

What’s the difference between a FASTENator and a FASTEN Brand Ambassador?

A FASTENator is someone who recommends us to friends and family, and usually a private group; in return she receives discounts and/or a free product. A FASTEN Brand Ambassador has made a longer-term commitment to post more regularly and act as a representative of our brand to the public. She will receive additional products (see above).


If you are interested in becoming a FASTEN Brand Ambassador, please email