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Refer 5 friends who purchase - get a FREE swimsuit or leotard!

Step 1.

Click "Rewards" button on our web site (bottom left)

Step 2.

At Welcome screen, scroll down to "Referrals"

Step 3.

Earn points by sharing your unique referral link!

Here are some ways to share your unique referral link...

  • Share the link in a mom group on Facebook
  • Share the link on your Facebook page
  • Text your friends the link
  • Send an email with the link

Tell other moms why FASTEN has made your life so much easier at the pool, at the beach, at swim class, at dance class. Tell them how you no longer struggle with wet one-pieces during diaper changes or potty training. Tell them how your daughters can get back to the fun faster! Oh, and tell them they'll receive 20% off their first purchase!

Earning FASTEN FUNdz is easy.

Spending FASTEN FUNdz is easier!

*Friend must make a purchase after clicking on your unique referral link in order to receive the points.

**20% coupon only valid on regular-priced items.

FASTEN FUNdz Loyalty Program is subject to change at any time. In order to receive points you must be logged in to your account.Ā